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Most frequent questions and answers

Why use P.B.T. as my broker?

Service, Service, Service. We provide a level of service that others just don’t. The Affordable Care Act has made shopping for insurance confusing, intimidating and frustrating. We stay by you at every turn insuring that things are done correctly and in the best interest of your company and employees.

Do you charge a fee for your services?

No. For Groups having less than 100 employees, the NY State insurance department requires carriers to include a service fee built into their normal rates. PBT is licensed by these companies to provide this service at no additional cost to the client.

Will P.B.T. help to resolve claims issues?

Yes, and that’s part of our value to our clients. We make sure that if problems come up, you have someone who can advocate on your behalf.

Can you insure out of state employees?

Yes, depending on the state and whether a company has under or over 50 employees we can provide coverage to employees and their dependents when living out of state.

Is the privacy of my employees protected?

Yes. We run a HIPAA-compliant operation and keep your information secure and confidential at all times. Being HIPAA-compliant is part of being at the forefront of the industry, and gives clients peace of mind.

Do my employee’s dependents also benefit from your services?

Yes. We offer our services to the spouses and children of employees.

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