Providing value added benefits
Economic concerns, increased healthcare costs and competition for highly qualified and experienced employees have raised expectations when it comes to employee benefits. Within most markets, basic health insurance alone isn’t enough to attract and retain the best of the best. Today, more and more employers are providing ancillary benefit options to meet employee expectations in an affordable manner.
Ancillary benefits offer advantages for both employees and employers:
  • Employees can select the coverage they need (vision, dental, etc.)
  • Employers can offer richer benefits packages with little or no additional cost to the company.
  • Enhanced benefit packages attracts and retains quality employees
  • Platinum Benefits Team will work with your company to offer ancillary benefits to employees interested in enhancing their benefits packages. Whether a company offers these benefits as Voluntary or involuntary or a combination of both, ancillary benefits are a win-win for all. Our relationship with all major carriers assures the right fit every time.